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What is Regression therapy? Will I cluck like a chicken?

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

It's been over a decade since I was given a book to read by Psychiatrist who helped his client heal from past traumas using regression therapy. At the time, I was just a young counselor trying to get my feet wet and learn from others. I have been fascinated by the transforming power of this therapeutic approach since that time. In addition, I was also programmed through the media to believe that hypnosis was a performers tool to get individuals up on stage and then get them to cluck like a chicken. That's because they seemed to do that on all the shows. This caused some cognitive dissonance between my old belief and this new knowledge. It has been over this past decade that I have learned more and more about regression therapy and the power of healing it creates. I recently went through an intensive training in Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy that taught me about the myths and the facts of regression therapy. The facts are remarkable compared to the dulling myths.

What is Hypnosis?

A hypnotic trance is a simple shift between the conscious and the subconscious mind. The conscious mind is only about 10% of our active mind, while the other 90% is our subconscious mind. The conscious mind thinks and plans, analyzes, and remembers in the short-term. It is the part of our personality that our Ego is most present. The subconscious mind is the part that is programmed from our life experiences. It is the place where long-term memories are stored, emotions, habits, intuition, spiritual connection, and creativity to name a few. Regression therapy is then the process of working within the altered trance state. This allows you to have full access to the depth of your subconscious mind. When you are being guided by a facilitator, you will have specific intentions that will allow what is most important for you to grow from to arise in the session. This means that your conscious mind that blocks your awareness of the origin of your problems is less active while the altered stance state (which is an enhanced state of mind that is relaxed) allows your subconscious, true self to be present the connections of what caused your problems.

What happens to you during this therapeutic process is a full visceral or full body experience of thoughts and feelings. The energy that is stuck within your self is allowed to be expressed again and once this occurs the body heals. Research continues to show that our body holds onto repressed thoughts and feelings and when this occurs; dis-ease happens. Once this energetic content is released, the body eases. I have found that once my clients have full awareness of the origins of their problems, make the connections around how it created thoughts/feelings in them, then viscerally expressed the repressed emotional energy; they report their bodies eases and their symptoms diminishing. This does take a lot of time on a conscious level. On a subconscious level, healing occurs quickly do to the lack of conscious defenses. Thus your heart can fully be healed from past traumas that cause anxiety, depression, addictions, and relationship issues.

Let me answer the questions now, "Will I cluck like a Chicken"? Yes and No. Yes, only if you want to cluck like a chicken. No, because you are FULLY in control. The altered state of consciousness in Hypnotherapy is just a relaxed state of mind that is super consciousness. You are fully in control of yourself and can completely reject a suggestion like "Cluck like a chicken". What I have found is that clients on a conscious level will always correct me when I mis-attune to who they are i.e. thoughts and feelings. They want to express their truths. It is the same in the regression therapy session. What we see on the mainstream level is a Hypnotist seeking out individuals who want to perform and who are highly suggestible. The Hypnotist then gets them into the deepest state of consciousness called Somnambulistic. Yeah, that's a mouth full! In this state of mind, participants don't remember what happens and are highly suggestible to instructions. Let me note, not everyone can go down this deep. However, everyone can go into hypnosis in the light or medium states of consciousness.

Let's just review what you just learned. First, your conscious mind is only 10% of your active mind and the other 90% is your subconscious mind. This 90% directs your daily thoughts, feelings, and actions without your awareness on their influences. Secondly, Hypnosis is the act of working with the shifting of these two states of mind. Thirdly, Regression therapy is the therapeutic approach that a trained facilitator helps you get into the medium state of relaxation (trance state) that allows your subconscious mind to provide answers to your problems. Fourthly, it is your choice in Regression therapy to accept or reject a suggestion like "Cluck like a chicken". Lastly, the media has created a myth about hypnosis that creates a program in your subconscious mind about hypnosis. This program maybe positive or negative. Be aware of this program and if you are still curious, want to ask questions, or even want to do your own hypnotherapy work; please feel free to send me a message. I will gladly connect with you and do my best to support your needs.

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