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A Look Inside A Regression Session

One of the most common questions that I am getting these days is: what does a regression session look in a session? I know that part of this question is to get an understanding of what you are going to experience in the session and the other part is based off fear of the unknown. So, I want to comfort anyone and also eliminate any misconceptions of what this highly powerful approach entails.

A typical session is between 90 and 120 minutes long. The session is this long because of the length of time to fully establish resource states, explore the patterns in your life of topic your focused on, healing process, and the rewiring of old to new beliefs of the self. Topics that are typically focused on in the session are patterns of anxiety, depression, addictions, specific behaviors, specific thought patterns, traumas, and even relationship patterns. Essentially, you can figure yourself and why you do what you do in your life in the regression session.

The start of a session you and I talk about what you want to focus on i.e. anxiety. Then I have you get comfortable on my mat. I then help you get very relaxed by using your breath to help your body to release tension. Music is helpful in this process as well. Once you get relaxed and into a state between awake and sleeping, know as the trance state; I take you down a flight of stairs, elevator, or a meadow whichever is your choice. This helps you get to a very very relaxed state of mind.

The next steps are to find your most favorite, relaxing place to be. This place can be anywhere in your life. You will visualize and allow all your senses to be there. A resource state is created for you to use anytime you want to go there. It’s a very nice resource state to have because you can use it during your day when you feel stressed as well. Once this resource state is established, I ask you if you want your Spiritual connection to come into your session for guidance and assistance. I find that a lot of my clients are grateful for this part because they do want God, Jesus, Grandma, a dog, or just something they feel very connected to spiritually to be with them. Lastly, I help strengthen the adult part of you or even establish one in yourself. The adult part of you is the part that takes care of you most of the time essentially.

Once the above is established, we begin the process of discovering the patterns in your life per the topic you established in the beginning of the session. I help you go back to one of the first times in your life that you experienced feeling i.e. anxious. This will take you to an age that is connected to the question. Hence, you are regressed to that age. I find that most clients are viewing the time in their life in first person. I have had other clients who see the scene like they’re in A Christmas Carol or even fully embody that age. This is due to your own personally learning style. It is unique to you.

During the regressed age, you will experience the thoughts and feelings from that time again. Your body keeps the score with the energy of the emotions from that time. I help you release these stuck emotions fully via talking, expressing, enactments, or energy healing techniques. Once I have helped you release all this information, you find out what beliefs you made about yourself at that time and how you decided to act moving forward in life. These are important because they are the programs in your mind that you live by on a subconscious level (the subconscious mind is your inner child).

The first age regression teaches you a lot about yourself. Once you work through this age, I have you go to another age that is connected to the first age regression. Same process as above happens and sometimes if needed I have you go to a third age to make the patterns clear. I find that the most healing happens in these regressed ages. In addition, no one knows what will come up for you because your inner child knows what is needed to heal itself. Thus, I have lots of client’s complete session and say “I wouldn’t have thought of those things…is that weird”. Nope! It’s beautiful!!

The last part of the session is talking about the patterns and old beliefs. I help you establish new beliefs and conclusions about yourself (affirmations). You will practice these over the next weeks to fully reprogram your mind. Also, in the healing process, I will help you eliminate any negative patterns of thoughts, feelings, or behaviors. This is called the extinguishing process. Finally, I have you reconnect parts of your soul left behind in those times regressed. This could be your courage, strength, voice, etc. Also, you get to connect with the Love inside your heart-center and integrate you now and the inner child as well. It is a wonderful healing process to go through, I speak from experience.

A Regression session is very powerful in connecting the dots to why you suffer from anxiety, depression, trauma, addictions, etc. It helps you feel different in a good way and your life will surely improve after the session. Research shows that most issues are fully improved after 6 regression therapy sessions. I am finding that a lot of my clients are changed within 2-3 sessions and talk therapy sessions are much easier in processing patterns as well.

If you enjoyed this post, please share with someone. If you know someone that’s interested in regression therapy, please direct them to this post as well. Anything that you can do to help this message get out is greatly appreciated. Lastly, let’s help others heal their inner child. The world becomes more and more loving with each person healed.

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