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The Power of Pain and Suffering

The thought of living a life to it’s fullest is what I hear most days as a mental trainer. Individuals always seem to want more from their life and yet struggle to follow their true self each day. They want to feel successful yet fall short each day. They struggle with feelings of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, motivation, and relationships.

When I first meet with an individual, I ask them what brings them into services. The common answer has this theme, “I am not happy with myself most days. I have tried to change myself with little to know progress. I just don’t know how to live my life in a way that is satisfying”. First, what a brave statement to say that you are alive and aware of your life. The next part of that first session is to ask them if they truly want to live a life of success and satisfaction. Mostly, this is a "yes" answer. Once this is established, the all powerful mental shock has to occur around the power of pain and suffering.

I once heard this saying “To live an unaware life is to live a deadened life”. The opposite is also true then, “To live an aware life is to live an awakened life”. To live an awakened life means to live within the infinite world of the five senses. You will have to feel all that is good or bad. You will have to think in truthful statements and positivity. You will have to see and hear the truth of the world. Taste the good food that your body needs to thrive. This is the power of pain and suffering because to live within the truth of the five senses, it will hurt your false self. It will cause you to have to re-evaluate and re-educate yourself.

Science has proven that individuals heal and become their best self through the transforming power of emotions. Personally and professionally, I know that engaging and allowing oneself to experience the pain and suffering changes ones life exponentially. I worked with a woman who had 20 years of complex trauma. She didn’t have a social life, struggled with hygiene, motivation, depression, anxiety, substance use, etc. It took her 6 months of weekly therapy, focusing on her trauma history, and feeling all the emotional states that cause her pain an suffering. After that 6 months, she changed to a life happiness and success. For the first time, she got a clean home, job, and positive friends.

Her story is just one of many over the years that make me state that the power of going through your pain and suffering will ultimately create success in your life. If you want to have success in your life, you have to be alive and thrive. You have to experience stress that presses down on you to be able to grow to your greatest height. You have to become like the seed of a tree. The seed is planted in the soil that is rich and nutritious. The seed also needs the pressure of the soil on top of it to force it to germinate.

Then it must be watered to grow. The vision of the small seed is always focused on becoming the giant it will be one day. Visually reaching up and out to the sky. Bearing fruit to multiple. All the while experiencing pressure from the Earth and pain from the elements of the world. Knowing that this to shall pass and I will be great one day. This is a lesson for all of us in the world. The strong desire to be our true authentic self requires pain and suffering. It shall pass quickly if we endure the elements. Then we can and will touch the Light of the World within our self.

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