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What is Mindfulness?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

What is Mindfulness?

The word mindfulness does not precisely depict a mind that is in the present and free. The word actually depicts an image that is full of images and words. A constant busyness held inside a space the size of your two fists held together!

Mindfulness is not fullness of the mind. In my experience, it’s a way of viewing the activities of my mind. I’m a watchman in the watchtower. My job is to look out over the landscape of my mind. I get to view each creature in the landscape. I can choose to spend time viewing a creature(s) OR let them move on by in the landscape. I can view a storm rolling in from the horizon. I can choose to allow this storm to be or I can. allow it to ruin my moment.

I have found that the landscape has changed throughout the years. Naturally, as the watchman only views the world, it has become a calm rhythmic land. It’s a place of solitude. A place that holds peace and stillness. Storms come and go without much disruption to the world. There is a beginning and an end to everything that lives in this land.

The watchman in his watchtower has become one with the land at this point. There is a natural flow of nutrition coming to this land and also giving it back to the world. In the end, the watchman realizes that they are all and nothing at the same time.

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