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Expressions of the heart are seen everywhere. Athletes pound their chest in excitement when they do something great. A lover loses their loved one and is seen holding their hand on their heart while wailing in grief. Someone sees an act of love towards another person is seen holding two hands over their heart while feeling the love as well.

Our Heart is an amazing engine to the body. It beats 86,400 - 144,00o times per day. It responds to all emotional states which we feel as our heart rate at any given time. It also holds intelligence. Yes, heart intelligence is an amazing thing to know about.

The heart has it's own nervous system that creates it's own brain! This means that the heart acts just like your actual brain in your head. The HeartMath Institute state that "Heart intelligence is the flow of awareness, understanding and intuition we experience when the mind and emotions are brought into coherent alignment with the heart." I first heard about Heart Intelligence on a Youtube video with Gregg Braden on London Real. He did a great job explaining how the heart knows what is right and wrong for us. In addition, the heart remembers our personal history and experiences. This creates how we move forward in our lives emotionally, cognitively, and behaviorally


. In her book Longing for Belonging: Pilgrimage to Transformation, Diane Zimberoff states, "Why is this important? First of all, because science is showing us that the heart's rhythms reflect the state of discord or harmony within, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Other bodily systems ---i.e., neural, hormonal, and biochemical --- sync to this heart rhythm. It is the master switch setting the pace for one's state of being. When one feels appreciation or happiness, the body and brain experience order and coherence, reflected in a highly resilient heart rhythm. When one experiences hostility or frustration, the body's and brain's experiences are disordered and erratic, reflected in a heart rhythm vulnerable to stress. So work that heals the heart heals a person on all levels."

I am trained in Gestalt Therapy, Psychodynamic, and Heart-Centered Hypnotherapy. All three of these approaches focus on the emotional stories of clients wanting to heal. They go back to the source of why one feels anxiety, depression, addictions, weight gain, etc. What I have continued to learn is that they access heart intelligence and heal the mind, body, and soul. Professionally, I have witness over the years, my clients healing right in front of my eyes. The difference in their energy on a physical level is the most obvious i.e. "you have a glow about yourself".

The reason for this healing of the heart is because the client is engaged in their subconscious mind via learning styles. The majority of people learn kinetically and visually. When engaged in experiential work via acting out, expressing with words, or witnessing others grow; we heal our heart-center which correlates to better heart-brain responses. In addition, the brain begins to weaken neural pathways and build new neural pathways leading to better control over ones emotions and behaviors. When traumatic experiences that cause poor sleep patterns, anxiety, depression, addictions, and other behavioral issues are re-experienced and re-processed; the brain is able to take experiences that it doesn't understand to being fully processed. This means memories that are stored in specific brain regions are moved to new ones. Ultimately, healing the psyche and since the heart is very close to the brain (constantly communicating with one another), it gets healed as well. Resulting in medical conditions, emotional instabilities, and problem behaviors being eliminated or diminished.

I would like t invite you to end your time reading this article with an activity of the heart. ....

Now bring your hand up and place it on your heart-center. Just feel your heart-center filled with warm light and love. Really let yourself feel the power of your heart-center. Feel the fullness. Know that the abundance of love and light is within you. Whenever you feel anxious, depressed, or anything that causes dis-order in you; just place your hand over your heart-center and you will know that you are beautifully and wonderfully made. All is well when you feel your heart-centers power.

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