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Here is What Others want you to know about Mental Health Counseling!

I came to Zach with depression and anxiety. He walked me through self discovery back to my true self. He doesn't tell you who you are...he lets you discover who you want to be. He helps you conjure the power within to be the best self you were created to be.  My mental fitness is now forever changed and I can confidently say that I am in full control of my feelings and destiny... the exact position that I know God wants me to be in. Thanks Zach (L.P.)

I came to Zach to work through trauma that I had been dealing with my entire life and I wanted relief. His experience combined with his background were just what I needed. I have become a more complete person and I have a better understanding of the world I create around myself. I would recommend him to anyone seeking a change and seeking to find your authentic self. (A.B)

I came to the Mental Fitness Center for a lot of reasons. Family life, my own insecurities and anxiety, etc. The sessions have transformed not only the way I deal with the past, but have given me the tools to calmly and confidently approach my future. I now feel I am back in control of my life, and I thank the Mental Fitness Center for that invaluable gift. (B.D.)

I came to Zach emotionally adrift. My attention focused on everything BUT what was my cause of stress and anxiety. In less than a few sessions he knew what I needed. He challenged me and pushed me in a direction to resolve the unsettled emotions. He did so in a manner that was what I call "Magical". He used his training and skill set to promote my positive change and I literally found a way forward that was remarkable. If you are truly looking to resolve your suffering, Zach is your guide to peace!” (D.K.)

I first met with Zach in therapy during a difficult and challenging time in my life. His approach to counseling helped me to reconnect with my peaceful heart and soul. Even more, his insight during sessions and recommendations for reading  material provided the tools to a more spiritual, mindful, fulfilling, and powerful way of life. (A.H.)

Here is What MFC clients do to heal them Self's!!!


Releasing Tension and Anxiety


Healing her Inner Child

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